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November 15th:

Tragic Death of Lil Peep

Rapper Lil Peep died on November 15th, 2017 from a xanax overdose. He was only 21 years old. A rising star, Lil Peep attempted to combined emo culture with rap culture with his own style music. He was known to have a drug addiction problem and raps about drug use extensively. His death has been a wake-up call throughout the new school rap community as well as across the country.To read more about the countries reaction and more information about Lil Peep follow the links below. RIP Lil Peep.

NY Times Article
Soundcloud: Lil Peep

Kendrick Lamar Defends Mumble Rap?

The new generation of rappers seem to get a ton of criticism from the "old heads" or older rappers. The genre of rap is evolving and the new school or new generation sounds a lot different compared to the older rappers. Mumble rap is the sub-genre of rap focued more on beats and production rather than lyricsim. They're know for having lyrics and voices that most people cannot understand very clearly so you sit back and have no idea what the rapper is saying half the time. Some people love this new form others hate it. Joe Budden, former rapper, is an old head known for his hatred for this new generation and his opinions on the new rap is pretty much its all trash. But, this is not the opinion of the whole community. Kendrick Lamar, probably the most popular rap artist, supports mumble rap and sees it as the next evelution of rap.
To Read more and watch Kendrick's interview with BET click the link Below:
Kendrick Lamar